Mind the busy mind

Finding Joy
Through mindfulness and compassion


Female, 43 years

Female, 72 years

Female, 50 years

"I found this course massively helpful in my life. I had a very hard period and I am so glad and grateful to have meet Dorte on my way" ,

Female, 43 years

"Dorte is a warm and unpretentious person who has the ability to make meditation uncomplicated and very straightforward. For many years I have suffered from anxiety and through a course with Dorte I gained further self-insight. Through meditations with Dorte I have gained insight into how to cope with all my disturbing thoughts, learned to be more present and to find more calm "

Female, 72 years

"I attended Dorte's Meditation classes at our local library. My husband is experiencing som memory issues, which requires me to be extremely patient and calm. I was starting to have anxiety problems and decided to try the meditation classes. Dorte is a great teacher with a wonderfully calming voive and very helpful instruction. I find it comforting to know I now have the tools I need to help me when a panic attack feels omnious and have found it a big help"!
I would recommend her classes to anyone!"

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book launch
friday august 12
from 16-18
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A weekend of joy, 20-21 August, 2022

Awakening Joy workshop
with James Baraz

If you feel like having more Joy, Peace and Well-being in your life this workshop guided by warm-hearted James Baraz, the father of Awakening Joy, is for you

James Baraz, the wonderful, kind, well known and wise meditation teacher is visiting Denmark in August 2022 together with his wife and meditation teacher Jane Baraz.

Find more information here

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