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Meditations in organizations

well-being and peace by use of 
meditation og mindfulness


Stopping up, taking in the good moments, and being kind to ourselves (and others) are essential for our brain and body, and for cultivating wellbeing and reducing stress. But far too often we forget to take these pauses and bring in compassion towards ourselves. 

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Dorte Olivarius Koustrup from Mind the Busy Mind will guide you through mindfulness sessions where you will be introduced to:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness, incl. how to get another relationship to thoughts and feeling

  • Tools to bring in peace of mind in challenging situations

  • Wellbeing tools (joy, gratitude and compassion)

All in all, you will get the opportunity to take pauses and use mindfulness, compassion and joy to gain more peace of mind.

Practical information

When: weekly, every foourteen day or montly


Price: DKK 1,850, - ex. vat for each session

For 10 consecutive sessions (e.g. 5 months) the price will be DKK 15,995, - ex. vat

Included in the price:

  • 30 minutes teaching guidance (meditation and a short inspiration talk)

  • The possibility of staying 15 minutes after the class for additional questions or guidance

  • Recording of the meditation for you to use between the sessions

  • Free use of meditations at

Your meditation teacher is Dorte Olivarius Koustrup.

You can read more about Dorte here

Profilbillede Dorte taget at Jane 16 juni 2022.jpg

“We feel so lucky to have you! Your kindness, compassion and warmth make these sessions very special.”

- June, at tamigo

“I always look forward to these sessions because I feel more relaxed, grateful and focused afterwards. I love that tamigo makes wellbeing such a priority.”

Mélanie at tamigo

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