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Dorte Olivarius Koustrup

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Foto: Søren Jul Lambert

Dorte is 50 yrs, a mother of three, and "is a forthcoming, unpretentious and warm meditation teacher who has the ability to make materials and meditations uncomplicated and very straightforward" (~ female participant, 43 yrs)


Dorte is an experienced Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Meditation Teacher. Dorte has offered Mindfulness and Meditation courses, One on Ones, Workshops and Talks in Norway, United States and in Denmark. Dorte moved back to Copenhagen, Denmark in August 2019 from Houston, Texas.

Dorte has experience working with companies, municipalities, schools, colleges and universities. Right now her focus is on one-on-one, workshops and courses in companies as well as her own private courses; e.g. Awakening Joy. Furthermore, Dorte is a part of the Inner Strength team from Human Practice Foundation teaching mindfulness and compassion to 7 graders.

Dorte holds various degrees. A Master of Science (M.Sc) from Handelshøjskolen in Aarhus, an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) from Aarhus University in Denmark and University of Massachusetts, USA, and is also an MSC (Mindful-Self-Compassion) Teacher from Center for Mindful Self-Compassion - an education founded by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer. You can find Kristin Neff's research puplications here:

In June 2019 Dorte added Certified Awakening Joy Teacher to her portfolio. Dorte is among the first  Awakening Joy teachers trained by James Baraz, the wonderful and highly respected meditation teacher and author of "Awakening Joy - 10 Steps to Happiness", and co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California. Adding on to this, Dorte is also a supervisor for the new teachers training to be an Awakening Joy teacher.

Besides being a meditation and mindfulness teacher, Dorte also achieved at 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainer Certificate from Yoga Works, as gentle yoga is often a part of teaching mindfulness.

Dorte has many years' of experience as a teacher. In 2006-2015 Dorte was lecturing various subjects to students, as well as being a counselor for college students (at Copenhagen Business Academy) dealing with difficult - often stress-related - situations during their studies.

Dorte countinually participates in educations around mindfulness and self-compassion. To mention a few "Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness" by David Treleaven, "Advanced MSC Teacher training" and "Fierce Self-Compassion" by Christine Brähler", Awakening the Heart" by James Baraz, and a 3-years energy course "Syntese" by Helen Gamborg.


Each year Dorte also attends a silence retreat; in recent years the retreat taught by Helen Gamborg and Erik Mikkelsen, two very wonderful and experienced meditation teachers from "Vækstcenteret" in Denmark.

Mind the Busy Mind's Vision:

Dorte's vision is to make this world a more loving place, where we meet each other with understanding and care and thus behave less judgmental towards ourselves and others.


Dorte's mission is to show you ways of navigating through troublesome/stressful periods. To teach you how to embrace yourself, the whole packet - with more kindness, love and self-compassion. To inspire you to enjoy life, find peace, awaken joy and gratitude.

"Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart"



By introducing you to Mindfulness-, Meditation-, Joy- and Compassion tools, which through daily practice can help you navigate within your busy mind and busy life more easily. All in all,

teaching you ways to embrace yourself and others with more kindness, compassion and understanding.


Tak for et rigtig godt foredrag/oplæg i går i Viborg. Hvor er du et skønt, inspirerende og hjertevarmt menneske, der nåede helt ned på bagerste række. Fedt at du tør udfordre til stilhed og meditation på trods af, at der sidder skeptikere mellem os lyttere. Jeg mærkede din varme, rummelighed og inspiration helt ind i hjertet. TAK ❤️

~ Anne Løhde Rask

Sidder i min sofa efter et fantastisk foredrag med dig. Wau, hvor var du bare fantastisk til at formidle. Jeg kunne mærke hvert et ord helt ind i mit hjerte. Det var så fint, nærværende og autentisk.
~ Lone Haarhøj Tollak

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