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Self-Compassion?  (2 hours)

How do you treat yourself when you are challenged or going through a difficult situation? As a good friend..?


"A 2017 study published in Health Psychology Open* found that people who have higher levels of self-compassion/ who treat themselves as a good friend in difficult situations handle stress better"


This Self-Compassion talk will introduce you to how Mindfulness and Self-Compassion can show us alternative paths to follow in difficult situations.



For an example of a self-compassion talk see the below youtube video, recorded at Friendswood Library in June 2018.


What is Mindfulness? And how you can benefit from it?

Numerous scientific papers prove that mindfulness enhances mental and physical well-being and reduces chronic pain. It addresses many of our current and every day stress related problems.
In this talk you will get to know more about mindfulness, the advantages by practicing it, what research shows, and how mindfulness has helped me. 

The subjects will be:


- Mindfulness; what is it?

- The advantages of embracing pleasant and unpleasant experiences

- Thoughts and Impermanence

- How situations can be interpreted differently...even wrongly

- How responding might be beneficial instead of reacting 

What research shows

- Mindfulness and the brain

There will be a few mindfulness exercises as we go along

Stress and How to Cope:  (2 hours)
- Awareness as the critical element in learning how to free yourself from stress
The subjects will be:
- Awareness/mindfulness as the critical elements
- Stress and how we react to stress
- Turning towards stress and difficult emotions
- Rumination and self-compassion
- Stress and the brain

There will be a few mindfulness exercises as we go along

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