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One on One and Supervision
in companies 


Increasing well-being by use of mindfulness and compassion:

1) Learn to relate differently to thoughts and feelings, in order not to get overwhelmed by them

2) Learn to meet yourself constuctively when challenged in order to reduce stress

3) Learn to turn towards joy and well-being

Supervision sessions

- based on relations (between manager/employee, teacher/student, etc.) 


1) Thinking back on a challenging situation. What happened? 

2) What does it to me? And did I bring something to the meeting/relationship that made it more or less challenging?

(All in all, a mindful investigation)

3) Change of Perspective; how can I understand or try to understand the other person's perspetive so the relationship/teachings develops constructively?

4? What could support me in the situation to clearly and constructively get my message through?

 Dorte Olivarius Koustrup will guide you through the sessions.

You can read more about Dorte here

and get in contact with her here

Meditation sessions where you will be introduced to mindfulness, Joy and Compassion

"Dorte is a warm and unpretentious person who has the ability to make meditation uncomplicated and very straightforward. For many years I have suffered from anxiety and through a course with Dorte I gained further self-insight. Through meditations with Dorte I have gained insight into how to cope with all my disturbing thoughts, learned to be more present and to find more calm "

~ Female 43 years

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