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Awakening Joy - workrelated 

Focus on Joy and Stress Reduction

Dorte Olivarius Koustrup from Mind the Busy Mind will guide you through a day in the name of well-being

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Practical information

We'll meet approx. 1,5 hours, where you will get the opportunity to be inspired on how to include more Joy and well-being in your  life by use of mindfulness.

Focus will be on inner peace and joy by:  

  • stopping up, being mindful and not being caught up in your thoughts

  • to use mindfulness to incline the mind towards joy and well-being

  • to set an intention towards joy and inclining the mind to be on the look out for magical moments in your life

  • to cultivate gratitude (as research shows increases well-being)

  • to meet yourself kindly in challenging situations and thereby not being as owerwhelmed by thought and emotions

During the day there will be a mix of talks, reflections, meditations and a few games - all tools to help you find more joy, well-being and peace at work and in your personal life.

Goal: to be inspired to invite even more joy and well-being in to your life.

Duration: fra 1,5 hours

Price: DKK 8.995- ekskl. moms

(Travel cost will be added to the price for extended travel. Right now it is 3,73 * kilometers)

Dorte Olivarius Koustrup will guide you through the day

You can read more about Dorte here

For others talks - press here

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