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 Next course, 27. februar 2025 at 5 pm

Awakening Joy

(More Joy, Less worries)
- 8 week-mindfulness and compassion course

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Do you miss the JOY of everyday life? have a lot of inner dialogue? and maybe even a lot of worries?

Then this course is for you!


"Awakening Joy - 10  Steps to Happiness”  is based on James Baraz’s teachings (which thousands have participated in since 2003) and his book by the same name. 

What can I expect from the course "Awakening Joy"?

In this course you will learn to cultivate Joy, Happiness, Peace, Kindness (toward ourselves and others) and Well-Being by use of Mindfulness.

The course is not a “feel good” course but a “feel everything” course. By using mindfulness, you will learn to be on the lookout for joy and pleasant moments. Furthermore, you will be working with intention setting, gratitude, letting go, connections, forgiveness, and how to embrace difficult emotions with kindness and compassion.

All in all, you will learn to cultivate kindness towards yourself (and others), and learn to take in the good moments in life, too see them and marinate in them in order to build new pathways of joy and well-being in our brain. 

The course is based on “what you practice grows stronger”, brain plasticity and neuroscience. The neuroscience researcher Rick Hanson says “positive experiences are like Teflon for the brain, and negative experiences are like Velcro”.  So in order for the positive experiences to register in the brain we need 1) mindfulness to put a light on them, and 2) marinate/concentrate on the pleasant moments in life, and thus new neural pathways of well-being can be built in the brain.

We are genetically wired to look out for danger. In this course we will try to help our brain to be on the lookout for the good in life; kind of helping ourselves to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Outline - session by session:

  1. Intention for Joy

  2. Mindfulness

  3. Gratitude

  4. Joy in Difficult Times

  5. Integrity/The Bliss of Blamelessness

  6. Appreciating Ourselves

  7. Connection with others (incl. forgiveness)

  8. Compassion

Practical Information

Dates 2025

Thursday   27/2

Thursday   6/3

Thursday     13/3

  Thursday     20/3

 Thursday     27/3

Thursday      3/4

Thursday    10/4

Thursday    24/4

Target group:
For everyone who would like to have more JOY in their life.
...and for you who would like to live a life with more joy, strength, peace and resilience - and maybe even learn to see the glass half full instead of half empty?


Shakti House
Ruthsvej 6, kl. sal.
2900 Hellerup


We will meet from 17:00-19:00 - approximately 2 hours each week for a period of 10 weeks 

Price per person for participating in a group:

DKK: 4,650-


Reduced price to students, retired and people without a job. If needed, you can split the payment 


Anita Abel Hansen

Dorte Olivarius Koustrup

At vække glæden - Mere glæde, færre bekymringer - 8 ugers Mindfulness & Compassion forløb
At vække glæden - Mere glæde, færre bekymringer - 8 ugers Mindfulness & Compassion forløb
At vække glæden - Mere glæde, færre bekymringer - 8 ugers Mindfulness & Compassion forløb

What participants say about Awakening Joy:

"The teaching was fantastic. It were wise, rewarding and insightful words from two women who radiate warmth, enthusiasm and love. Thank you. This also shine through in your lovely guided meditations"


"The course feels self-loving - like a gift to myself"


"Lovely atmosphere and competent teachers who are very caring and radiate the kindness they talk about" ​


"The month of November is usually a difficult month for me to get through, but this year I have been happy in November thanks to the course"​



The course is offered as a group course. It is, however, also possible to be guided through the course on individual sessions if that's more you. Contact Dorte at Prices can be found here

Link to Dorte's Awakening Joy teacher certification:

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