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Start: Thursday March 13 from 9:00-9:30am

Morning Meditations
Øbro jagtvej Library

Morgenmeditation på Øbro Jagtvej Bibliotek

Would you like to start your day with meditation, and get inspiration on how to find more joy and mildness into your life - as well as get ideas on literature that heals?

The Morning Meditation program starts March 14, 2024 at Øbro jagtvej Library (from 9:00 am to 9:30 am).The event takes place at 3rd floor at the Library, and you need to use your "Sundhedskort" to open the front door at ground level. The classes are taught in Danish and is free of charge. 

The first topic is "The Joy of setting intentions" - how intentions can support us towards more joy and wellbeing.

We will meet every Thursday from March to May: 

(However, not during Easter and at Kr. Himmelfartsdag)

  • Thursday 14/3

  • Thursday 21/3

  • Thursday 4/4

  • Thursday 11/4

  • Thursday 18/4

  • Thursday 25/4

  • Thursday 2/5

  • Thursday  16/5

  • Thursday 23/5

  • Thursday 30/5

A short inspirational talk about a topic, will be given, and then we meditate for approximately 25 minutes.
The classes will be taught in Danish

Address: Øbro Jagtvej Bibliotek, Jagtvej 227, 2100 Kbh. Ø

It can be a good idea to sign up in order to get a seat, The arrangement is free of charge.
You register for the classes here: 
Morgen-meditation | Københavns Biblioteker (
What participants say about the meditation classes:



I attended Dorte’s Meditation classes at our local library. My husband is experiencing some memory issues which requires me to be extremely patient and calm. I was starting to have anxiety problems and decided to try the meditation classes. Dorte is a great teacher with a wonderfully calming voice and very helpful instruction. I find it comforting to know I now have the tools I needed to help me when a panic attack feels ominous and have found it a big help!

I would recommend her classes to anyone!!

Female 72 yrs

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