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What Participants say:


"Dorte's Meditation Classes taught me to be conscious of what is going on around me...moment by moment. I now see life's joys in a much more sensory way. And I might add that these joys can be as simple as looking at the veins of a leaf or smelling my jasmine tea or listening to the chatter of a squirrel. I will end by saying something about Dorte's voice. I can close my eyes and hear her saying, "Breathe in, breathe out. May you be happy." She truly has the voice of an angel. If only more people could experience her classes...What a better place this world would be..."


"I attended Dorte’s Meditation classes at our local library. My husband is experiencing some memory issues which requires me to be extremely patient and calm. I was starting to have anxiety problems and decided to try the meditation classes. Dorte is a great teacher with a wonderfully calming voice and very helpful instruction. I find it comforting to know I now have the tools I needed to help me when a panic attack feels ominous and have found it a big help! I would recommend her classes to anyone!!

"I found this course massively helpful in my life. I had a very hard period and I am so glad and grateful to have meet you on my way"

“You created such a peaceful environment for us and made us all feel so welcome. I have definitely felt calmer and happier over the past few weeks which I think has been due to the influence of the meditations along with your kind words, insights and reassurances"

“Dorte's courses were amazing! It can be life-changing, definitely worth trying!

"I attended a 6 week course to get myself startet on a "mindfulness journey". It has helped with anxiety and stress levels and Dorte manages to guide you with her words to a better safer path, she helped me feel more positive and optimistic about myself and who I am and how to deal with life's daily pressure. She will give lots of tips and advise as well exercises to practice daily. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is struggling"

“I have really loved this course. Thank you for bringing this into my life”

“You were very good at facilitating our discussions and letting everyone speak without interruption and knowing when to "stay with" someone or particular feelings” 

“I really enjoyed attending it and looked forward to each session. I liked the intimacy of our smaller group and to discuss things together as a group. I feel that I learned more about the other participants that way and it was really reassuring to find out that others had the same feelings as me in some areas ("in the same boat"), which I don't think I would have found out, or there wouldn't have been time to explore, if we had been a larger group”

"A very good course, which can help you to get the best our of your life. Dorte is a wonderful good and comfortable person and a skilled teacher. The course is highly recommended"

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