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awakening Joy and Compassion workshop

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Århus,  13. November 2021

from 9am to 4 pm

Cultivating Joy and Compassion by use of Mindfulness

- a day with focus on wellbeing and peace


"Awakening Joy - 10 steps to Happiness" is an international well-known course based on James Baraz’ teachings (which thousands have participated in since 2003) and his book by the same name. The course is designed to evoke joy through various themes, meditations and exercises that train the mind towards more well-being and provide deeper insight.

During this workshop you will get to practice Joy and Compassion to increase your overall well-being in life.

We will cultivate joy and well-being using mindfulness; thus learning to see, dwell on and enjoy the good experiences and pleasant moments when they are present. We will learn to embrace ourselves kindly in challenging situations and perhaps even learn to value our own good qualities. Gratitude will also be on the agenda as several studies show how helpful it can be to train this "muscle" as well.

The workshop is based on "what you practice grows stronger", as well as the knowledge about the brain and plasticity that has been found in neuroscience in this regard. Psychologist and researcher in neuroscience Rick Hanson says that "positive experiences are like teflon for the brain, and negative experiences like velcro". I.e. in order for positive experiences to be registered in the brain, we need 1) mindfulness to notice the experiences, and 2) to dwell / concentrate our attention on the pleasant experiences, so that new neural networks of well-being are formed in the brain.

Genetically, we are wired to be on the lookout for the dangers. In this workshop, we help the brain to be on the lookout for the good moments in life, and we learn to relate kindly to ourselves so new neural networks of joy are formed in the brain. All in all, inspiration for the glass to be a little more full...


November 13, Aarhus



Trøjborgvej 2d
8200 Århus


DKK: 995,- per person

(16,495,- for organizations)


Anne Marie Beck and Dorte Olivarius Koustrup. For more information on Anne-Marie, please see https://www.lifeinmotion.dk/ ....  and for more information on Dorte, please see https://da.mindthebusymind.dk/

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