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Next course start March 31, 2022

Awakening Joy
(More Joy, Less Inner Dialogue)

- 10 week-mindfulness and compassion course

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Do you miss the JOY of everyday life? have a lot of inner dialogue? and maybe even a lot of worries?

Then this course is for you!


"Awakening Joy - 10  Steps to Happiness”  is based on James Baraz’s teachings (which thousands have participated in since 2003) and his book by the same name. 

What can I expect from the course "Awakening Joy"?

In this course you will learn to cultivate Joy, Happiness, Peace, Kindness (toward ourselves and others) and Well-Being by use of Mindfulness.

The course is not a “feel good” course but a “feel everything” course. By using mindfulness, you will learn to be on the lookout for joy and pleasant moments. Furthermore, you will be working with intention setting, gratitude, letting go, connections, forgiveness, and how to embrace difficult emotions with kindness and compassion.

All in all, you will learn to cultivate kindness towards yourself (and others), and learn to take in the good moments in life, too see them and marinate in them in order to build new pathways of joy and well-being in our brain. 

The course is based on “what you practice grows stronger”, brain plasticity and neuroscience. The neuroscience researcher Rick Hanson says “positive experiences are like Teflon for the brain, and negative experiences are like Velcro”.  So in order for the positive experiences to register in the brain we need 1) mindfulness to put a light on them, and 2) marinate/concentrate on the pleasant moments in life, and thus new neural pathways of well-being can be built in the brain.

Genetically, we are wired to look out for danger. In this course we will try to help our brain to be on the lookout for the good in life; kind of helping ourselves to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

This course is based on the popular Awakening Joy invented by James Baraz, that thousands have taken since 2003.

Outline - session by session:

  1. Awakening Joy: Intention for Joy

  2. Awakening Joy: Mindfulness

  3. Awakening Joy: Gratitude

  4. Awakening Joy: Joy in Difficult Times

  5. Awakening Joy: Integrity/The Bliss of Blamelessness

  6. Awakening Joy: The Joy of Letting Go

  7. Awakening Joy: Appreciating Ourselves

  8. Awakening Joy: Connection with others (incl. forgiveness)

  9. Awakening Joy: Compassion

  10. Awakening Joy: The Joy of Being

Practical information


Next course starts Thursday March 31st and runs until June 16th
(no teaching during Easter and Kr. Himmelfart)


Target group:
For everyone who would like to have more JOY in their life.
...and for you who would like to live a life with more joy, strength, peace and resilience - and maybe even learn to see the glass half full instead of half empty?



Lyngby Hovedgade 39

(få minutter fra Lyngby Station)


We will meet from 17:00-19:00 - approximately 2 hours each week for a period of 10 weeks 

Price per person for participating in a group:

DKK: 4,995,- 


Anita Abel Hansen

Dorte Olivarius Koustrup


What participants say about Awakening Joy:

Dorte's Meditation Classes taught me to be conscious of what is going on around me...moment by moment. I now see life's joys in a much more sensory way. And I might add that these joys can be as simple as looking at the veins of a leaf or smelling my jasmine tea or listening to the chatter of a squirrel. I will end by saying something about Dorte's voice. I can close my eyes and hear her saying, "Breathe in, breathe out. May you be happy." She truly has the voice of an angel. If only more people could experience her classes...What a better place this world would be..."             Sherry,72

"I attended Dorte’s Meditation classes at our local library. My husband is experiencing some memory issues which requires me to be extremely patient and calm. I was starting to have anxiety problems and decided to try the meditation classes. Dorte is a great teacher with a wonderfully calming voice and very helpful instruction. I find it comforting to know I now have the tools I needed to help me when a panic attack feels ominous and have found it a big help! I would recommend her classes to anyone!!" Anne, female, 72yrs


"I found this course massively helpful in my life. I had a very hard period and I am so glad and grateful to have meet Dorte on my way" - female, 50yrs

“You created such a peaceful environment for us and made us all feel so welcome. I have definitely felt calmer and happier over the past few weeks which I think has been due to the influence of the meditations along with your kind words, insights and reassurances" - female 45yrs

“Dorte's courses were amazing! It can be life-changing, definitely worth trying! - female 

The course is taught in groups of 8 - 25 people, and is also offered as individual sessions for one person or for couples.

Price "Awakening Joy" one on one:

Price for 10 individual sessions:                     DKK: 7,995,- (US $ 1.275,-)

Price for 10 session for couples:                    DKK: 9,995,- (US $ 1.590,-)


Link to my Awakening Joy teacher certification:

At vække glæden - mere glæde og færre bekymringer
At vække glæden - mere glæde og færre bekymringer
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