Below you'll find few specific examples of various workshops "Self-Compassion" , "Awakening Joy" and"Mindfulness". Mind the Busy Mind, however, offers various workshops within different subjects - examples:

- Awakening Joy

- What you practice grows stronger

- Joy, Gratitude and neural networks

- Appreciating own qualities

- Forgiveness

- Letting go 

- Gratitude and self-compassion as a heart practice

Self-compassion and peace in challenging situations

- Etc.

Self-compassion Workshop:
Attacking ourselves when we already Are Challenged 

(2 hours)

We have a tendency to attack ourselves when we already are challenged. This workshop will put a light on how Mindfulness and Self-Compassion can show us alternative paths to follow in difficult situations.

The teacher will guide you through different self-compassion exercises incl. meditations.  All in all, we will explore how helpful it can be to bring in mindfulness and self-compassion in various situations.

Price in DKK:  5.500,- (for organizations)

Mindfulness and Joy (2 hours)

You will be introduced to and practice Mindfulness and Joy 


You will get to know more about mindfulness; what it is, how it can influence your brain and how it can help you to increase joy and well-being?

Exercises and meditations will be part of the workshop. 

Price in dkk:  5.500,- (for organizations)
Awakening Joy and Compassion workshop 
(A whole day: 6 hours)

Awakening Joy is an internationally recognized course, which is designed to awaken joy through various themes and practices that incline the mind toward well-being and deeper insight. You can read more about the workshop here:


During this workshop you will practice Joy and Self-Compassion. 

Exercises and meditations will be part of the workshop. 

Teachers: Dorte, Mind the Busy Mind

Price in dkk:  14,995,- (for organizations)